Key Actives

AQUAXY: AQUAXYL™ improves water reserves and limits water loss. Desquamation is balanced, micro relief is smoothed. Moisturized and restructured, the skin is better equipped to combat external aggressions.

AQUAXYL both restores the dermal water reserves by increasing hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate levels , limiting the degradation of hyaluronic acid among other things, and helps to strengthen the cutaneous barrier by stimulating the synthesis of ceramides, which form the impermeable cement between the corneocytes.

CM-Glucan Granulate: CM-Glucan Granulate is a derivative of ß-glucan, a natural polysaccharide having immune-enhancing properties.

ß-glucan coming from yeast was shown to have the most potent immune-enhancing capability. Yeast ß-glucan can stimulate our immune system by enhancing the activity of macrophages and other immunocompetent cells. Besides, it is able to accelerate tissue repair. CM-Glucan Granulate may be applied in dermo-cosmetics, pre and post-procedure formulations, in skin care for highly sensitive, damaged skin and in sun and after-sun care.

ARGAN OIL: Argan oil is commonly used in skincare and hair products due to its high content of vitamin e, omega 9 (oleic acid) and omega 6(linoleic acid). as a natural antioxidant it regenerates and hydrates the skin whilst improving the production of collagen

LAMINARIA OCHROLEUCAEXTRACT: is golden algae, it has DNA protectives proprieties against UV-radiation. Addition benefits is its ability to help replenish the lipid barrier and optimize the moisture content of epidermis. Optimizing the water content in turn leads to a smoother skin.

SYN®-COLL is based on a small peptide developed to reduce any type of wrinkles. It stimulates the collagen synthesis in human fibroblasts.

NIACINAMIDE PC: Also named Vitamin B3, it improves skin barrier function and ceramide production which that help to improve hydration and suppleness of the skin. It helps even-looking skin tone and reduce the appearance of acne

L-FUCOSE: it is a anti-aging ingredient that slows down and reverses age-related skin loss, while improving skin elasticity and collagen biosynthesis.

VITAMINE A PALMITATE: promote the enzyme activity in the skin, thickens the epidermis and can regenerate skin prematurely aged by UV-radiation

HYALURONIC ACID: HYALURONIC ACID is a high molecular weight substance belonging to the group of glycosaminoglycan. HYALURONIC ACID has good water storing properties and is an ideal swelling agent. Its incorporation into cosmetics leads to perceptible and visible improvement of the skin condition.

RENOVHYAL: it is a short chain hyaluronic acid obtained by biosynthesis. RENOVHYAL acts on the skin as a healer and cytoprotector.

The Moroccan lava clay is a natural mineral rich purifying clay, renowned for its remarkable ability to absorb impurities, improves skin’s elasticity and clarity.It contains high level of minerals such silica, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and sodium which all help promote the skin natural appearance.